Victoria Holland Architecture - The Practice

The Practice

Victoria Holland Architecture is a small team of architects and designers who have a passion for carefully considered, well crafted buildings which are both sensitive to their surroundings and true to their function.


As an RIBA chartered practice we combine our expertise to achieve both excellence in design and provide notable architecture of its time and place.  The budgetary requirements of our clients and the long term sustainability of the fabric of our buildings are a key focus to the success of a project.


Please use this link to Neil Holland Architects to see our previous projects.


Interior Design


Part of our work as architects and designers is to ensure that Interior design is integrated into the architectural process is essential to creating a cohesive space. From the conceptual phase through to supervising the execution, schemes are supported by clear renderings and plans in order to communicate and establish designs to the highest quality. The designer’s extensive research impacts on the selection of all materials, finishes, the sourcing process as well as the design of all built-in and custom made furnishings, making every project unique to each client.


Interior Design Services:


1) Built-in & Custom designed Furnishings

2) Paint & Finish Selections

3) Sourcing of Furnishings, Lighting, Fixtures & Art

4) Full Fabric & Material Selections

5) Project Management & Installment